Friday, May 30, 2014

INDYCAR 14 App offers enhanced experience as Indycar teams come to Detroit

Detroit will host the Verizon Indycar series for a pair of races this weekend, and if you have a Verizon phone you can delve a little further into the action.

The INDYCAR 14 App offers an array of features that take the fan experience to the next level. Race fans are in the driver’s seat with INDYCAR 14, as they take control of the information
by selecting their favorite driver or team. The app  also offers live streaming in-car camera feeds, radio  broadcast and the mosaic view, which allows users to watch four live video feeds at one time. It also features extras like real-time leader boards, race track data, driver Twitter feeds, news and alerts and track layouts.

App Features to Verizon Wireless customers:
• Live in-car camera video streaming for select drivers during IndyCar races
• Live race control center video streaming during IndyCar races
• Live trackmap and marching ants video streaming with real-time car position during IndyCar races
• Mosaic screen for all live videos (4 in 1 view) during IndyCar races
• Live driver and pit crew transmissions audio streaming during IndyCar races
• Live IMSP radio broadcast audio streaming during all track activities
• Real-time leader board with vehicle telemetry and track positioning
• Optional on-device notification alerts when IndyCar race starts and ends
• Race Weekend Concierge - Don't miss a moment of each race weekend with Race Weekend Concierge. Get your ultimate fan guide to each weekend's events and stay up-to-speed with all things IndyCar.
o Official schedule of events including on-track schedules, driver meet-and-greets, and fan activities
throughout the weekend.
o Interactive track maps for easy navigation using GPS technology.
o Customizable text alerts for updates on-the-go.
o Dynamic fan polling and driver trivia.
o Virtual autographs from your favorite drivers.
o Real-time leader board for Verizon P1 driver standings.
o Opportunities to win exclusive IndyCar and Verizon prizes.
• Favorite driver and team selection for quicker access to follow
• Exclusive VOD race highlights, crashes, driver interviews, INDYCAR 101 & technologies, INDYCAR 36, virtual laps, historical race footage, and more
• Breaking news and photos
• Standings, race results, and schedule
• Driver profiles and driver/team/INDYCAR twitter feeds
• INDYCAR 101, official rule book, and more

Check for supported devices.


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