Thursday, October 30, 2014

DROID Turbo by Motorola now available from Verizon Wireless

The DROID Turbo by Motorola will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting Oct. 30. The 32GB model will be available in Metallic Black, Metallic Red, and Black Ballistic Nylon for $199.99 with new two-year activation or $25 per month on Verizon Edge. The 64GB Black Ballistic Nylon model will also be available for $249.99 with new two-year activation or $27 per month on Verizon Edge.
-- Get $100 or more when you trade in your old smartphone and purchase a DROID Turbo by Motorola with new two-year activation. Trade-in must be in good working condition.
-- From launch until the end of this year, upgrade and activation fees are being waived for customers who purchase the DROID Turbo. Waived activation and upgrade fees will be credited to the customer’s bill, and may take up to two billing cycles to process.
-- Verizon Edge pricing is also available for DROID Turbo – and from launch through the end of the year, Verizon has a special early upgrade to Edge for anyone who upgraded prior to July 1, 2014 and wants to purchase the smartphone
-- DROID Turbo customers who experience a damaged screen during their 2 year contract can replace it once for free. Customers who purchase through Verizon Edge are also eligible.
-- Upgradable to Android 5.0 Lollipop

Additional Info
  • Strength:
  • The DROID Turbo is designed with its Ballistic Nylon or Metalized Glass Fiber reinforced with DuPont Kevlar fiber, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and water-repellent nanocoating protecting the inside and out against spills.

  • Battery life:
  • DROID Turbo has a battery that lasts up to 48 hours, so that means it’ll be a while before you see that low battery alert. Eventually, the alert will appear, but it might be at a time when you don’t have the time to do a full charge of your phone. Only having a few minutes before heading out with friends, layovers in between flights, and many other countless scenarios – we’ve all been there. The new DROID comes with a turbo charging feature so when you’re low on battery, a 15 minute charge can get you up to 8 hours of use. DROID Turbo comes with the Motorola turbo power charger in the box at no additional cost. And for added convenience, the new DROID is wireless charging capable.

  • Intelligence:
  • Moto Display wakes up the phone to show the time and notifications when you reach for the phone. You can also wave your hand over the screen to dismiss a phone call or silence an alarm. The Droid Zap app has also been enhanced with the Zap Zone feature that makes it easy to share pictures and videos with nearby friends you invite to your zone. Plus, Zap to TV uses Google Chromecast to create a slideshow on a big screen. Smart features like these are best paired with a powerful processor. DROID Turbo has a 2.7GHz quad-core processor and has 3GB of RAM for multi-tasking and running your favorite apps very smoothly.

  • Pics:
  • DROID Turbo has a 21-megapixel camera with 4K video capture and features a 5.2-inch Quad HD display. And when a picture moment happens you want to be fast enough not to miss it. Quick Capture feature lets you twist your wrist twice to launch the camera – no need to press any button or unlock any screens..

DROID Turbo by Motorola will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting Oct. 30. The 32GB model will be available in Metallic Black, Metallic Red, and Black Ballistic Nylon for $199.99 with new two-year activation or $25 per month on Verizon Edge. The 64GB Black Ballistic Nylon model will also be available for $249.99 with new two-year activation or $27 per month on Verizon Edge.

Monday, October 13, 2014

AT&T unveils HTC Desire Eye smartphone, RE by HTC point-and-shoot camera

AT&T has confirmed it will be the exclusive carrier for the HTC Desire EYE this holiday season, and that it will offer the RE by HTC, a point-and-shoot camera later this year. Pricing and full availability for both products will be announced later.

HTC Desire EYE boasts a 5.2-inch full High Definition display (1080p) and 2.3 GHz Quad-Core processor. The smartphone features a 13MP front facing wide-angle camera and dual LED flash.

The front and rear facing 13MP cameras with motion tracking and voice-activated software allow you to capture more background and wider group shots with smile capture or voice command.

Share everything on your screen in real-time to get quick feedback from your friend or show off your photos. HTC Desire EYE is also IPX7-compliant, making it water-resistant up to one meter  amplifier boost volume for powerful and balanced sound.

The HTC BoomSound front-facing speakers include a built-in amplifier boost volume for powerful and balanced sound.

Additional features of the HTC Desire EYE include:
• Dimensions: 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm (154g)
• Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat
• Memory: 16 GB / 2 GB
• Battery: 2400mAh

RE by HTC has a 146-degree, wide-angle lens that captures everything you see in full view, replacing the need for a viewfinder. With a 16MP camera sensor and 1080p High Definition  video, you can capture your world with high quality photos and video. RE easily integrates with both Android and iOS devices to back up your photos and videos to the cloud. Just grab, point  and shoot with RE’s intuitive controls. The grip sensor is always on and wakes the capture  capability when picked up. Simply tap the shutter button to capture photos or press and hold to  take videos. RE is also IPX7-compliant.

The RE app can transfer all of the photos and videos from your RE to your smartphone and can also back up your content to third-party cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The app also serves as both a content browser and live viewfinder on your device, mirroring what the camera is seeing.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Verizon Wireless announces pricing on new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available for pre-order starting 9/12 and launching on 9/19.
Pricing (Device prices with a new 2-year agreement):

iPhone 6 (Gold, Silver, Space Gray colors):
§  $199.99 (16 GB)
§  $299.99 (64 GB)
§  $399.99 (128 GB)
iPhone 6 Plus (Gold, Silver, Space Gray colors):
§  $299.99 (16 GB)
§  $399.99 (64 GB)
§  $499.99 (128 GB)
Cases will be available starting on 9/12 in multiple colors and designs for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Trade-In Promotion
For a limited time, VZW will offer a $200 trade-in gift card for customers that trade-in their iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and a $300 trade-in gift card for iPhone 5s from any carrier with the purchase a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
iPhone 5C & 5S Price Reduction
On 9/9 at 5PM EST, Verizon Wireless reduced the prices on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The following table shows the pricing of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s devices after the price reduction:
2-Year Price
Full Retail Price
Edge Monthly Payment
iPhone 5C 16GB (all colors)
iPhone 5C 32GB (all colors)
iPhone 5S 16GB (all colors)
iPhone 5S 32GB (all colors)
iPhone 5S 64GB (all colors)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

LG G Vista is latest large-screen phone offering from Verizon Wireless

Smartphones come in all shapes and sizes – some have large screen devices, some have smaller screens.
The new LG G Vista gives users both a large 5.7-inch qHD display and battery for all-day use. Also, it’s designed in similar fashion to the LG G3 with its rear power and volume keys, making it easy to reach with an index finger while holding it.
Having a large display has its advantages, and they start with entertainment. Reading books or watching videos can be a struggle at times with small phones, but not with the LG G Vista. And football fans can use the smartphone’s screen to its full potential with NFL Mobile, which will offer access to live games at no additional cost for new and existing MORE Everything customers with compatible smartphones for the entire 2014/2015 season.
For multitasing, the LG G Vista has a Dual Window feature that splits the screen, allowing for two apps to be viewed and used at the same time. Now, looking for a place to eat on Google Maps while texting a friend about it can be done on one screen.
The LG G Vista can also be used one-handed as if it were a smaller compact device. Swiping left or right across the home button keys activates Mini View and scales the screen so everything is within a thumb’s reach.
The XLTE Ready LG G Vista will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting July 31 for $99.99 with new two-year activation. The Verizon Edge program is also available for eligible customers who want to upgrade.


OSAndroid KitKat 4.4
Lock ScreenKnock Code – lock and also wake and unlock the device using a customized pattern of more than 86,000 possible Knock Code combinations
Verizon Messages – sync with a Verizon Wireless smartphone to send and receive text messages from the tablet
1.2 GHz quad core processor
8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Verizon Wireless recognized for best overall performance in Metro Detroit by Root Metrics

 Verizon Wireless was honored for best Overall Performance in Detroit and the metropolitan area when tested against other carriers by Root Metrics from April 18-24, 2014. Verizon also showed strong scores in reliability, speed, data and call performance. This is the third consecutive time Verizon has won the Root Metrics Overall Performance Award in metro Detroit.  See the full report here:

RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, designed the study to characterize the consumer mobile network performance experience. Root Metrics ranked the four major U.S. wireless providers in six categories: Overall Performance, Reliability, Data, Speed, Call and Text. For additional details on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network visit

Friday, May 30, 2014

INDYCAR 14 App offers enhanced experience as Indycar teams come to Detroit

Detroit will host the Verizon Indycar series for a pair of races this weekend, and if you have a Verizon phone you can delve a little further into the action.

The INDYCAR 14 App offers an array of features that take the fan experience to the next level. Race fans are in the driver’s seat with INDYCAR 14, as they take control of the information
by selecting their favorite driver or team. The app  also offers live streaming in-car camera feeds, radio  broadcast and the mosaic view, which allows users to watch four live video feeds at one time. It also features extras like real-time leader boards, race track data, driver Twitter feeds, news and alerts and track layouts.

App Features to Verizon Wireless customers:
• Live in-car camera video streaming for select drivers during IndyCar races
• Live race control center video streaming during IndyCar races
• Live trackmap and marching ants video streaming with real-time car position during IndyCar races
• Mosaic screen for all live videos (4 in 1 view) during IndyCar races
• Live driver and pit crew transmissions audio streaming during IndyCar races
• Live IMSP radio broadcast audio streaming during all track activities
• Real-time leader board with vehicle telemetry and track positioning
• Optional on-device notification alerts when IndyCar race starts and ends
• Race Weekend Concierge - Don't miss a moment of each race weekend with Race Weekend Concierge. Get your ultimate fan guide to each weekend's events and stay up-to-speed with all things IndyCar.
o Official schedule of events including on-track schedules, driver meet-and-greets, and fan activities
throughout the weekend.
o Interactive track maps for easy navigation using GPS technology.
o Customizable text alerts for updates on-the-go.
o Dynamic fan polling and driver trivia.
o Virtual autographs from your favorite drivers.
o Real-time leader board for Verizon P1 driver standings.
o Opportunities to win exclusive IndyCar and Verizon prizes.
• Favorite driver and team selection for quicker access to follow
• Exclusive VOD race highlights, crashes, driver interviews, INDYCAR 101 & technologies, INDYCAR 36, virtual laps, historical race footage, and more
• Breaking news and photos
• Standings, race results, and schedule
• Driver profiles and driver/team/INDYCAR twitter feeds
• INDYCAR 101, official rule book, and more

Check for supported devices.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Newest HTC One smartphone now available from Verizon

The new HTC One (M8) is now available online and in stores for $199.99 with a new two year activation. Customers looking to get their hands on the device in a store, and purchase one to take home, can do so starting today as in-store availability is exclusive to Verizon Wireless stores through April 9. Select Verizon resellers will have the device in stores starting March 26. For a limited time, customers who purchase the new HTC One (M8) for $199.99 can get a second one free, each with new two-year activation.
The advantage of getting hands-on time with the smartphone is being able to feel the all-metal unibody design and experience features such as the dual front facing speakers with BoomSound™ in person.
High quality cameras on smartphones have become essential for social media mavens looking to capture their life digitally. The HTC One (M8) has a Duo Camera with an advanced sensor to capture more light and detailed depth from a scene. Users can create professional-looking images by altering the focus of the image after the photo has been taken and choosing what to focus on.
And a great way of sharing photos is through text messages. Verizon Messages gives users a personalized way of picture messaging with collages, sketching and caption features. And with a MORE EVERYTHING plan, customers get unlimited international messaging to say hola, bonjour, kon'nichiwa through words and images to friends and family across the globe.
Forgetting one’s wallet used to mean chaos and panic. Today, smartphones can replace a wallet with the option for mobile payments so its now ok to forget the wallet at home. The all new HTC One M8 is ISIS-ready and comes with an NFC SIM card pre-installed. Isis Mobile Wallet turns the smartphone into a wallet and eliminates the need to carry credit cards, loyalty cards and special coupons. With a single tap, a customer can make a payment or redeem an offer at participating merchants.
Customers can add the new HTC One (M8) to their MORE Everything plans and get services such as 25 GB of cloud storage. The Verizon Edge program is also available for eligible customers who want to upgrade.