Monday, March 19, 2012

Stormy weather: Your phone can keep you safer

Storm safety tips from Verizon Wireless:
— Dial *228 to automatically update your roaming capabilities and make sure your phone is connected to the most current and updated cellular network. The call takes only a few seconds and will keep your phone current with any network upgrades.
— Load emergency contacts on your cell phone under the abbreviation ICE – which stands for In Case of Emergency. ICE contacts will help responders reach your loved ones quickly in the event of an accident.
— Keep a car charger readily available. If electricity is temporarily out at office or home locations, you can easily charge a cell phone in your car. Car chargers and phones now have universal ports so they an easily accommodate different devices.
— Update your phone with local news and national weather apps so you can easily check on current conditions.
— Turn on GPS location services. People often disable GPS for battery savings. This helps push local information to your phone that might be critical for storm updates.
— Use text capabilities on your phone for a quick response and to send and receive messages in the event of an emergency.


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